Christmas Lighting!

This time of year everyone is decorating for Christmas and often times trying to out do the neighbor or even just adding a little more each year. Unfortunately with this can come issues… tripping GFCI’s and breakers. A few things that will help with the frustration is to first try to switch over to LED light strings. LED strings pull less wattage than older strands of bulbs and thus more can be used on the same circuit. Second, make sure all cord ends and joints (where two strands or more plug together) are covered. You can use Saran wrap, something most people keep on hand, to wrap the joints and help keep them free from moisture and problems. (This particularly helps if you have a sprinkler system that comes on regularly and also helps with roof lighting when extension cords and such are in roof valleys and along the gutters.) Third and final tip would be that most homes have a single GFCI circuit, usually controlled or protected from a garage outlet, that protects all outside outlets. This means that all outside outlets and the few in the garage are usually on one single circuit, so if all the lighting is plugged in to one circuit you are more likely to overload it and pop breakers or trip GFCI’s, as most garage/outdoor circuits are only a 15 amp circuit or 1800 watts. This is plenty of power if nothing else is plugged in to the circuit, but if you have a fridge in the garage or other appliances or power tools this drops significantly. As a fridge will draw 800 watts or more. In Conclusion if you lean towards celebrating with a Griswald type Christmas light set up, you may want to think about adding a few dedicated circuits around the home, even outlets in the soffits on a switch or smart switch to come on when wanted. We would be happy to help you figure out how to get your Christmas lighting done safe and right. Hope this helps and have a safe and happy Holidays. From all of us to all of you Merry Christmas!!!

It’s Always Nice to Hear from our Customers…

“Kevin, who is the owner of Bierman Electrical Services, worked on our home in The Woodlands, TX last spring. He was just awesome and I would recommend him without reservation to my friends and family. The scope of electrical work that he did for us included new wiring for our remodeled master bath, installation of a towel warmer, replacing all plug-ins and switches throughout the house, installing new light fixtures, installing new bathroom fans, installing under-counter lighting in the kitchen, and putting in an outside plug for the mosquito system. In addition to being a master electrician, Kevin is also a home inspector which turned out to be very important to us. When he was installing the new bathroom fans, he let us know that the previous owner had cut corners on the venting that was not only causing moisture build-up and mold to form in the attic insulation, it was destroying the drywall around the fans. When he installed the new fans, he properly installed the additional venting to solve the venting problem and we were then able to have the drywall repaired. When he was up in the attic he also noticed that the previous owner had cut corners on some plumbing work for an addition causing corrosion of the old galvanized pipes that was getting ready to be a huge problem. Thanks to Kevin, we were able to get a plumber in time to fix the bad joints before they started to leak. Kevin is polite and professional – arriving each day at the specified time and completing everything within the time frame that he promised within budget. He was very flexible with my constantly changing scope of work. In addition, he was always extremely conscientious about the excellence of his work and took the time to explain any issues he found – bottom line – he really cares about doing things the right way. I would absolutely hire him again for any electrical or home inspection project.”          -Joyce F.

Plugs and Switches

Did you know that plugs and switches can wear out over time from constant use?  If you have plugs that are loose or wobbly or that don’t just plain don’t work anymore this is a sign it’s time for a replacement. If your plugs and switches are 10 years old or older it also might be a good idea to switch them out.  If you do switch out your plugs and switches ask your electrician about upgrades and extra’s that are available.  Below is an example of a plug with a built-in night light.  Theses are nice little upgrades you can make to your home to add value and convenience.


If you want a quote on new plugs and switches call Bierman Electrical 281-757-3678

Electrical Check Up

Did you know the electrical systems in your home should have an occasional check up? Over time the wires in your home can become loose or damaged so it’s a good idea to have a professional come in and check things out every once in a while to avoid larger problems in the future.  If you notice any of the following it might be time for your electrical check up…

  • Loose or Wobbly Plugs
  • Breakers that keep tripping
  • Fuses that keep blowing
  • Lights that Dim, Flicker or Bulbs that continuously burn out
  • Sizzling Noises or Burning Smells
  • Frayed Wires

If you think it’s time for your electrical check up give us a call and we will be happy to assist.  Bierman Electrical Services 281-757-3678

It’s always nice to hear from our customers. . .

“Kevin was awesome for us! He’s a certified master electrician, and not an appliance repair person, so he went above and beyond the call of duty to help us out when lightning struck the tree by our house and blew out several things. He came out to check all of our electricity connections, but he also checked out our dryer and garage door opener, which were blown out by the lightning. He did us a HUGE service by confirming that the dryer’s circuit board was blown out by the lightning. We thought that we would have to replace the whole dryer, but he also figured out how to replace the circuit board so that we could have a functional dryer without having the expensive replacement. He explained things that we could do to protect ourselves and our appliances even more. I can’t say enough good things about Kevin Bierman!!!” -T.S.


“My husband and I bought our first home and had a little electrical issue. The home warranty company sent out an electrician and he “fixed” the issue, however, we still had no lights in 3 rooms and we never heard from them again. We contacted Kevin. “And then, on the 7th day in our new home, Kevin said, ‘Let there be light in Cora’s new house!’” With-in 15 minutes, the issue was found and fixed and Kevin got a lifetime customer.” -Cora and Bobby L.

“Kevin is very thorough, informative and full of integrity. I will definitely keep his contact information for any future projects!!!” -Kelli C.


“Very knowledgeable and informative. Takes great care in what he does. Does top quality work. Will always use for electrical and inspections.” – Tony P.


“Mr. Bierman offers a level of professionalism without making a female client feel inadequate. He breaks things down and looks for multiple solutions so you can make a good decision.” -Deana S.


“Kevin has always offered the utmost professional service to both myself and my clients. His knowledge of the inspection process has helped my clients in many various ways. I will continue to offer his services to both my future clients and Realtors searching for an ethical, honest and dependable inspector or electrician.” – Kevin S.


“All, I must say that this is probably the best contractor you guys have. Kevin Bierman came out this morning. He was early, was very professional, immediately began trouble shooting, and identified the issue quickly. Kevin fixed the problem much faster than I anticipated and everything seems to be working as it should. Again, if you can use this contractor for more of your projects, I would highly recommend it as this was a very pleasant experience, much better than past experiences with the subs you use.

Again, the work has been completed and I was very impressed with the way this contractor handled the issue.” -Sincerely, Curtis C