When doing a bathroom upgrade, don’t forget about lighting! Cans cab brighten a dark tub and you don’t forget vanity lighting to complement your new sink

Christmas Lighting!

This time of year everyone is decorating for Christmas and often times trying to out do the neighbor or even just adding a little more each year. Unfortunately with this can come issues… tripping GFCI’s and breakers. A few things that will help with the frustration is to first try to switch over to LED light strings. LED strings pull less wattage than older strands of bulbs and thus more can be used on the same circuit. Second, make sure all cord ends and joints (where two strands or more plug together) are covered. You can use Saran wrap, something most people keep on hand, to wrap the joints and help keep them free from moisture and problems. (This particularly helps if you have a sprinkler system that comes on regularly and also helps with roof lighting when extension cords and such are in roof valleys and along the gutters.) Third and final tip would be that most homes have a single GFCI circuit, usually controlled or protected from a garage outlet, that protects all outside outlets. This means that all outside outlets and the few in the garage are usually on one single circuit, so if all the lighting is plugged in to one circuit you are more likely to overload it and pop breakers or trip GFCI’s, as most garage/outdoor circuits are only a 15 amp circuit or 1800 watts. This is plenty of power if nothing else is plugged in to the circuit, but if you have a fridge in the garage or other appliances or power tools this drops significantly. As a fridge will draw 800 watts or more. In Conclusion if you lean towards celebrating with a Griswald type Christmas light set up, you may want to think about adding a few dedicated circuits around the home, even outlets in the soffits on a switch or smart switch to come on when wanted. We would be happy to help you figure out how to get your Christmas lighting done safe and right. Hope this helps and have a safe and happy Holidays. From all of us to all of you Merry Christmas!!!

Here for you.

Times are a little scary and a little unsettling right now, and so are electrical issues. If you need help with any of your electrical needs Bierman Electrical Services is here for you. Just give us a call 281-757-3678

It’s Always Nice to Hear from Our Customers

Kevin has done electrical work at my business, my rent house and my home. He has done everything from replacing a panel, installing a standby generator, moving plugs…you name it. He is good in communicating with you and he does everything correctly and to code. He doesn’t take a bunch of short cuts you will have to redo later. He is also good in letting me know of anything that might cause me issues at a later date.

It always goes great. I feel like he charges a fair price for his work. I HIGHLY recommend him! Angie’s List Review

It’s Always Nice to Hear from our Customers…

Thanks for your timely advice yesterday. I have been delighted with your professional assistance in our remodeling project. Such professional service delivered on time with great efficiency. A super pleasant experience. I still think your company vehicles should display a slogan – Bierman Electrical – LET THERE BE LIGHT! Awesome work Mr. Kevin! -Stan Sehested


Choosing a Contractor

When choosing a contractor to work on your home be sure that the person you choose is qualified to do the work.  If you are choosing someone to work on Electrical, Plumbing or AC they should carry a license through the state you live in to be qualified to do the work.  You can go to the state website and type in their name or the business name to double check and make sure the person you choose is indeed qualified to do the work.  Trades people are required by state regulations to keep their licenses up to date and to take continuing education every year to stay up to date with the changes in codes.  If you live in a city where a permit needs to be pulled to work on your home only a licensed contractor will be qualified to pull such a permit.


It’s Always Nice to Hear from our Customers

“Working with Kevin was definitely a positive experience. He was quick to respond to calls, quick to set an appointment (and keep it), and very good at explaining what he was doing and why. He helped us upgrade/fix existing work and bring things up to code. I recommend him to others and will call him first the next time I need an electrician.”- Catherine D.